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Website Design

What can good website design do for me?

Good website design can help generate leads and drive sales for your business. Good web deisgn allows users to get the information they need quickly. The pages load quickly and the site itself is easy to navigate. Most importantly, if users want to get in touch with you then it should be very easy for them to do so!

Bad web design will drive clients away. If your site is slow, difficult to use and hard to navigate then you have a bad website. Bad websites can do more harm than good as they will frustrate your users and reduce trust in your company or brand.

Website designs from Reading Web Agency will help you generate leads, drive sales and make your business look great.

We Offer In Person Web Design Consultations in Reading

Meeting with web designers in person allows you to express yourself more clearly and communicate your needs effectively.

I am always happy to have a sales consultation or hash out a web design with you in person. I prefer in person consultations as it gives both of us a better oppurtunity to learn about each other and it helps me establish what your business situation is.

If you prefer, we can have a meeting over Google Meets or communicate over email instead.

As a web designer in Reading,  I am only able to have in person consultations in Reading or the surrounding area. I am also happy to meet with you in London as the travel links between Reading and London are quite good.

How will you design me a new website?

My web designs are made using templates that are designed by professional graphic designers. This ensures that your site will be on par with big commercial brands that operate in your industry.

I do not use Wordpress for my standard designs. This allows me to have total control over the code that goes in your website allowing your site to be fast, be optimized for SEO and be clear of security vulnerabilities.


The Best Web Designer in Reading and Berkshire

I have lived and grown up in Reading for most of my life - so I know the area quite well. If you are a local business or sole trader looking for a new web design then let me help you out. A great looking website will help you generate more leads and drive more clients to your business. I have designed websites for many businesses in and around Reading.

Previous examples include a cafe based in East Reading and a landscaper based in Bracknell.

Currently, I am now working as a web designer in Reading but before this I used to work at Tesco and Unilever as a data analyst for 5 years. During those 5 years I learned a lot about technology which has allowed me to flourish when transferring my skills to web design.

If you're looking for web designers near Reading then call Reading Web Agency now for a free consultation.

More than just a web designer in Reading!

Most of my web design clients come from places such as Reading, Berkshire or Bracknell. That being said, I am happy to work as a web designer for anyone in any location. Whether you are from London or the United States it doesn't matter.

As well as helping several UK businesses, I have also helped businesses in America, Egypt and even Jordan.

How long does it take to design a website?

This depends on the scope of requirements. However, for most local / medium sized businesses it takes me around 1 week to get a site designed. This will typically be a site with around 5 sections (typical sections are Home, About, Contact, Services).

If a site needs significantly more sections or has more complex requirements then it’s harder to say how long things will take. With that in mind, I will be in constant communication with you to make sure you are updated on how things are going and how long you should expect things to take.


Will you adjust existing website designs?

If your website uses WordPress or is built using vanilla HTML, JS and CSS then I will be happy to take a look. Factors that will affect how long adjustments can take include how well the site was built and how complex the additional requirements are.

Sites that are built well are relatively easier to work on. This is because it will be easy to see how things work just by looking at the code. This means things such as changing your website’s styling (colours, fonts etc) or adding extra pages will be relatively straightforward.

If you’re not sure (based on the information above) whether or not I can help make adjustments to your site feel free to get in touch and ask. Don’t worry, asking is free!

How much does it cost to get a website designed?

The main cost involved will be the labour cost in designing and creating the website. The only other costs involved are hosting and buying a domain. The domain is the web address users will use to navigate to your site. Examples of domains are: bbc.co.uk, reddit.com etc. Prices on domains can vary but the typical cost is around £10 to £20.

Hosting is the process of storing your website on a server. This allows anyone in the world to access your site. Hosting is done by a large number of companies (GoDaddy being a big example) and you are free to choose your own host. For a website with less than 10k users, hosting costs around £20/month.

You can also get FREE hosting if you set up an account on netlify. However, netlify does not allow you to host websites that were built using wordpress.

If any of this is overwhelming that’s okay. Feel free to ask for free advice by getting in touch with me today.


What are the steps for me to get a new website designed?


Consultation – I will have around a 10 to 30 minute conversation with you. During this conversation I will try to find out more about your business and the services you offer. I will then ask you about the problems you face as a business owner and why you would like a website.

Planning and outline – Based on the consultation, I will create a website plan that aims to help solve some pressing problems you are facing as a business owner. I can send you over a copy of this plan to see if you would be happy to go ahead. If not, you can always suggest more adjustments / improvements and also ask any questions on your mind.

Gathering media and extra information – Depending on the type of business I may come back and request extra information or media. For example, I may ask you for high quality images that I can add to the website. I typically ask for images where you or your team are working, the products your business provides, or for pictures of your business location (outside and inside).

Information I would ask for would be specific details about the services you provide (such as a menu if you are a restaurant) or to confirm what your opening hours are.

First draft – About a week after consultation, I will have a first draft of your site ready. This will typically be a site consisting of around 5 sections. Typical sections include a home page with general information about your business (opening hours for example), a contact page where potential clients can get in touch, a services page detailing all the services you offer and an about page.

Adjustments – After the first draft of your website is complete you can evaluate it and suggest further edits until you are happy.

Want free advice? Get in touch today!